Sunday, July 26, 2009

I swear we're going to have outings in the holidays. M-U-S-T.
Anyway, good luck to all for your mugging. :D


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Okay people. We've decided that the TEEESHHIIIRRRTTT colour code for guys would be PURPLE.
and all guys and girls MUST wear FBTS.
Girls must wear PINK tanktops.
It's perfectly alright my dear guyfriends, you'd look just sexy with your purple shirt plus cute and mini fbts that reveals your fat muscular legs. :D

That's all. Remember to wear your sexy platform/heels. :)
Bye bye, Brought to you by #05.




HAHAHAHHA. Did you people get a shock?
If you did, it's okay because YES. THAT'S THE WHOLE FAT POINT. :D
Lol lol lol lol.

I'm actually here to extend my apology about the sentosa trip.
Because most of the people thinks that it's too inpractical/unpractical/not practical to have the sentosa trip and BBQ at the same day BECAUSE they think that we'd not be able to make it time but i actually do think that it's a unnecessary worry because we definitely will but ANYWAY, that's not my point.
Me, Jo, Cheeting decided that.. If you guys really don't want the aweszxszsomeszxsxz trip, we'd just zooooooom! cancel it ya?
Or maybe have it another day. :)

Kay that's all.
Bye bye, for real HAHAHAH. :D

Loves, abcdefghijkxy. (L)

p/s don't get mixed up! We'd still have the BBQ on 8dec. At around 3/4 PM to very very very very late, and we'd get all ro-man-tic at Montreal green. :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Holidays is so totally here omgomg!
C'mon let me hear you shout: HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!

*utter silence*

Rah fine. You people are just mean ttm.

I am the awesome fifth monkey and omg I'm totally doing the update. :)
Yes it's about the fabulous M06 meetup on 8dec.

Okay for this outing, it'd be different from the past ones, but only slightly.
Instead of the omg boring and omg dull East Coast Park, we're going Sentosa instead!
*collective gasps heard*
Cool leyyyyyyyyyyyy~. We're going to meet at Sembawang mrt stn at this certain time (Joanne Tan wl update hawhaw.)
& yes we'd make our way to the oh so fabulous Sentosa. Together.
omg like together! Together as in like, yea together omg omg. A whole bunch of us invading the mrt can you imagine? TOGETHER. *laughing fits*

omg i sound so bimbotic.

& yea back to the topic..
We'd make our way to sentosa together.
& we'd go play volleyball at the beautiful beach. AND CAMWHORE WHOOHOO.
isn't that like so awesome. So get ready your HANDY DANDY CAMERA! :)

& when we feel like it, we'd just move on to our next stop - ride bicycles~!
Yes, we'd do our crazy cycling around Sentosa.
One thing is : stay in a group. don't wander away.

K the whole idea of this meetup is to meet up and go crazy and have fun.
So for fellow girlfriends, do not bring along your pretty sexy handbags, 'cos they'd be getting in the way when we're riding the bicycle.
Then you'll be like wth wth wth i hate my bag but it won't help so you'd get all agitated and then you'd pull me by my hair and scream WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME WHY.
& then i'd cry because it hurts so much and then you'd cry too because your handbags is just so annoying and then we'd flood the whole sentosa and then obviously we won't have fun.

Same for my sexy guyfriends. Please do not bring handbags 'cos people wl stare at you and then it'd be a total different story. Lol lol.

Slingbags or backpack wl be just awesome, darlings. :)

Also, I know that jeans keeps you safe from everything in the world.
BUT you don't have to be safe in Sentosa. So do not wear Jeans there okay. You'd die of heat.
T-shirts/tanktops plus demin/fbt would be just fine.
For guys, i think denim and fbt is impossible for you, so wear your usual basketball-shorts/3-quarter-pants.
I personally prefer T-shirt, 'cos maybe we'd decide on this colour code of our shirt, and it's be damn cool if we all wear the same colour (both guys and girls) yay yay. :)
Jo wl update about this again. LOL.

& lastly, the most important thing is. Bring your
1. Towels. (yes, those with Hello Kitty prints on top would be just nice!) :)
2. Your Shampoo/Shower.
3. Extra undergarments and toiletries.
4. Extra sets of clothes.

Because we're going to have our princess/prince showers!

Don't say don't need. 'Cos you'd definetely need it.
Imagine all the sweat staying on you from HarbourFront back to Sembawang.
Eww. & then it'd be on you for the whole BBQ sessions.

Unless you'd want to go home and bathe before coming back for the BBQ.
Because the sexy news is : We're going to have our BBQ at the nearest place ever - Montreal greeeeeeeeeen!
Isn't that fabulous. Yes.
The BBQ is going to start at this certain time (Joanne Tan wl update ahahah!)
& we'll rush back before this certian time and prepare.

And I understand from Jo that some of you guys are busy in the afternoon.
That's perfectly fine. Because you guys can still join us in the delicious BBQ ya. :)

Yea that's a rough idea of this outing.
Leave your precious comments on the tagboard k. :)

I like monkeys yay yay. (L)
though they're brown, which happened to be cockroaches' colour.

Toodles, abcdefghijkxy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alright people. I know I haven't been blogging for ages. There will be a bbq gathering probably at montreal green cause I know many of you can't go that far. It will be held perhaps on 9 nov. Anybody free? Please tell me via sms or msn. Help me tell the others too k? Thanks.

- Jo. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey peepos or monkeys, I've revamped the blog. Will be posting more photos and more outings will be organised. :) And kevin, see whether this blog is going to die or yours. :P And this coming thurs, which is 15/5, we are going back to wtps for volleyball. Try to come cause the more the merrier, and I MISS YOU GUYS. :)


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 3rd anniversary! <3
MONKEYS06 yay! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3rd anniversary on 1st jan 08. <3
anyway, I want outings and TEE. :)


about me
We're currently fifteen.
Studying at different schools but we're still that same old bunch of friends.
MONKEYS-PRIT, that's what remain in our blood.
Wellington Primary School is where we, MONKEYS were born.
And lastly, a total wrap up of what we are,


#1. Chee Ting/yishun sec
#2. Branda/deyi sec
#3. Joanne Tang/orchid park sec
#4. Wei Ting/yishun town sec
#5. Xiao Ye/presbytarian high
#6. Yi Xiang/yishun town sec
#7. Wei Qi/woodlands ring sec
#8. Syazana/bukit panjang govt high
#9. Fathin/ahmad ibrahim sec
#10. Su Ian/presbytarian high
#11. Yasmeen/s'pore chinese girls
#12. Felicia/swiss cottage sec
#13. Yun Wen/st nicholas girls
#14. Jing Wen/anderson sec
#15. Amos/raffles institution
#16. Kevin/anderson sec
#17. Eugene/orchid park sec
#18. Hong Meng/yishun town sec
#19. Sean/yishun town sec
#20. Darren/orchid park sec
#21. Joon Yee/orchid park sec
#22. Benet/anderson sec
#23. Jun Wen/orchid park sec
#24. Bao Kuang/chung cheng high yishun
#25. Terrence/northbrooks sec
#26. Zhao Xiang/ang mo kio sec
#27. Xian Qin/kuo chuan presbytarian sec
#28. Dave/st joseph institution
#29. Haziq/yishun town sec
#30. Jiayi/canberra sec
#31. Jia Quan/ang mo kio sec
#32. Kwang Yew/chung cheng high yishun
#33. Yubin/mayflower sec
#34. Mingfei/chua choa kang sec
#35. Yingjie/tanjong katong sec
#36. Jia Nan/xin min sec
#37. Bai He/nan chiau high
#38. Joey/admiralty sec
#39. Qian Ying/yishun town sec
#40. Gloria/canberra sec
#41. Jasper/northbrooks
#42. Li Xian/yishun sec
#43. Yi Bin/anderson sec
#44. Joanne Tan/yishun sec

Remember us. Because in years to come, we'll make it big.

what I want
Have a MONKEYS06 tee.
More outings & gatherings.
More pictures taken.
To have a full photo album of us end of year.
Chee Ting
Hong Meng
Qian Ying
Wei Ting
Yi Bin
Su Ian
Joanne Tang
Yun Wen
Jing Wen
Joanne Tan

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